2010  Oxford Preservation Trust Commendation for public sculpture
2009  Certificate of Honour for service to the city of Oxford
2008  Oxford Preservation Trust Award for public sculpture
2006  CARA Award for creative research in hospitals
2005  Oxford Heritage Trust Commendation
2004  Arts Council grants for work in France & Germany
2003  Clore Duffield Foundation Award for work in Oxfordshire Hospital School.
          Southern Arts Lottery Grant
2002  Bury Knowle Park, Sculpture – Southern Arts grant & Oxfordshire Trust
2001  ‘Art in Situ’, France – Southern Arts Travel Award
2000  ‘Millennium project’ – Southern Arts and Oxfordshire Trust grants.
          Live Art, Tours, France –Southern Arts grant.
          Three Cities Art Show – Southern Arts grant.
1989  Artlink Award


The questions which Diana addresses focus on what it is to be human and the relationship between humans and their environment. She is interested in the paradox that each person is unique and yet at the same time humans are just one of billions of organisms which inhabit the planet.

2022 PoeTree. Group exhibition, Kurfürstliches Gärtnerhaus, Beethovenplatz, Bonn.
2022 PoeTree. A group exhibition celebrating the 75th Anniversary of twinning between Oxford & Bonn. OVADA gallery, Oxford.
2021  Installation - Metamorphosis in the group show ‘Unprecedented’, Ovada, Oxford.
2018 ‘Drawn by Nature’ Sydney, Australia.
2017 ‘Material World An International Perspective’, Oxford, UK.
2016 ‘Material World’ Grenoble, France.
2014 ‘Connected’. International residency & exhibition. Bernau, Germany.
2013 ‘The Magic of Books’. Maison de l’International, Grenoble France.
2012  Group exhibition, Museum Zundorfer Wehrturm, Cologne, Germany.
2012  Group exhibition, ‘Aquarium Compagnie’, Nancy, France.
2010  Ceata/Fog/Broullard, International Exhibition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
2008  Group show Maison de l’International, Grenoble, France.
2007  ‘Umfeld, Inwelt’, Frauenmuseum, Bonn.
2006  ‘100 years of womens sufferage’, Frauenmuseum, Bonn.
Bristol West of England Academy Open Exhibition.
International Artists, Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Group Show at Ovada Gallery, Oxford.
2005  ‘Dreams, Plans, Visions’, Modern Art Oxford.
2004  ‘4 aus Oxford’, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany.
2004  ‘The Oxford Show’, Modern Art Oxford.
2002  ‘One in a Million’, Installation, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford.
2001  ‘Art in Situ’, La Roche sur Grane, La Drôme, France.
2000  ‘Children of the Millennium’, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
2000  ‘Everything changes’. Installation, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford.
1995  ‘Three Cities Art Show', Oxford and Birmingham.
‘Art and Nature’ project, artist & co-ordinator for Oxford City Council.
‘Art and Nature Exhibition’, Museum of Oxford and M.O.M.A. Oxford.
1994  MA exhibition, The Custard Factory Birmingham.
1993  MA First year exhibition, The Custard Factory, Birmingham.
1992  Solo show, 'Time Passes', Ecology Centre, London.
Oxford Art Society at M.O.M.A.
1991  Solo show John Radcliffe Maternity Hospital Exhibition.
Oxford Artweek Painting Park.
Solo show, Senate House, University of Liverpool.
1990  Solo show, Baptist Church, Oxford.
1986  Oxford Artists’ Group Show, ‘Human Concern’, Woodstock Museum.


Diana specialises in creating work in the public domain in non gallery situations. The public are invited to participate in the making of the work and therefore become both creator and audience.

2020          Installation ‘What have you learned?’ at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne.
2019          Installation ‘Follow the Path’ as part of ‘Art in the Park’, Oxford & Grenoble.
2014-15     'The Big Question Mark’, Edinburgh Festival, Bath, Liverpool, Thessaloniki, Greece, Birmingham.
2010-14     ‘The Big Book’ installation in Oxford, London, Cambridge; Bonn & Berlin, Germany, Leiden, Netherlands, Grenoble, France, Perm, Russia; Edinburgh and Cheltenham.
2004          ‘Dreaming’ Modern Art Oxford, part of the ‘Oxford Show’.
2003          ‘Children of the Millennium’ Dorchester Abbey, Southside Arts, Southampton and Munster Cathedral, Bonn, Germany.
2002          ‘One in a Million’, Installation, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford.
2001          ‘Memories’, La Roche sur Grane, France.
2000          ‘Children of the Millennium’, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
1999          ‘And So To Bed’. Public Art Project, Headington Hill Park, Oxford.
1998          ‘Make your Mark’, Westgate Centre, Oxford.
1996          ‘Make your Mark’ - Eurostar Exhibition, Tours Railway Station, France.


Residencies include the creation of the theme, organisation, mediation between everyone involved and presentation of the final work. Diana has worked in many different settings and her skill is being able to involve all ages in the creation of art using a variety of media.

2015  International residency, Thessaloniki, Greece
2014  International residency, Bernau, Germany
2012  Participant in ‘White Nights’ Art Festival, Perm, Russia
2007  John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital
2006  Residency in Cluj Napoca, Romania
2005  ‘Art in Situ’ The Drome, France
2004  Residency, La Roche sur Grane, France
2003  Artist in Residence Radcliffe Infirmary & John Radcliffe Hospitals
          ‘Hope sculpture’, Ten Headington Schools
          Sculpture workshop, Burford Primary School
2001  ‘Art in Situ’ residency, La Roche sur Grane, France
          Schools projects at primary schools in Didcot and Oxford
          Workshops, River and Rowing Museum, Henley-on-Thames1999
          Workshops, Oxford Contemporary Music
1998  Sculpture project, Isis Middle School, Oxford.
1997  Sculpture and workshops, Grandpont Nature Reserve, Oxford.
1996  Live art project, Tours railway station, France.
          ‘Art and Nature’ project for Oxford City Council.


2019 Coordinator Art in the Park with artists from Grenoble & Wroclaw.
2014-20 Trustee Sunningwell School of Art.
1999-2012  Founder & Director, Magdalen Road Studios. Oxford.
2009  Co-ordinator ‘Art in the Arboretum’.
2008  Co-ordinator of exhibition to Grenoble.
2007  Co-ordinator of exhibition in Bonn.
2005  Co-ordinator of exchange with the Frauenmuseum.
2003  Co-ordinator ‘Karstadt’ Exhibition, Bonn, Germany.
2002  Co-ordinator, ‘Six Artists from Leiden’, for Oxford City Council.
1995  Co-ordinator, ‘Three Cities Art Show’, Birmingham, Paris, Oxford.
1995  Co-ordinator, ‘Art & Nature’, for Oxford City Council.
1983-91  Board of Management, Oxford Artweeks.


Diana makes large scale sculptures to commission. This includes initial design, budgeting, creating, organising fabrication, delivery and installation. She works in a range of materials including clay cast into bronze or cement. She has also worked in aluminium, steel and wood.

2009  Public sculpture for Bonn Square, Oxford
2007  Public sculpture for Lidl Supermarket, Oxford
2006  Public sculpture for Kingsoak, Abingdon
2004  'United', sculptural relief for Manor Hospital, Oxford
2002  'Traces', sculptural relief, Holywell Manor, Oxford
2002  'Hope' sculpture, Bury Knowle Park, Oxford
1998  Sculptural relief, Isis Middle School, Oxford
1997  Sculpture at Grandpont Park, Oxford City Council.
1996  Sculpture commission, Dunmore Infant School, Abingdon.
1989  Triptych at the Rectory Road Day Centre, Oxford, for an Artlink project.
1985  Drawing project funded by Probation Hostel for young offenders, Oxford.
1984  'Homeless'- painting commissioned by Oxford City Council.

Diana Bell has an MA in Fine Art, a BA from the Open University and a Teaching Certificate. She lives and works in Oxford, UK and is currently based at Red House Studio, Oxford.