“My work centres around questions about the human condition, what it is to be human and how we relate to our environment. I am constantly drawn to the paradox between the idea of the uniqueness of the individual and the fact that humans are just one of billions of organisms that inhabit the planet. My installations often involve an element of public participation and this involvement with people is central to my practice.”

Diana's work is mixed media installation, sculpture and public art. She is active in international exchanges and has exhibited in Australia, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Greece and the Netherlands as well as the UK. She has been Artist in Residence in many different settings and examples of her public art can be seen in the Oxford area. 


My new work is currently showing at Ovada Gallery, Oxford in the exhibition ‘PoeTree’.  It is a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the twinning link between Oxford & Bonn, with three artists from Bonn and three from Oxford.

Bark paintings Ovada 1

My new book ‘Nature Unlocked’ is now ready. 365 drawings and paintings from the Oxfordshire countryside in the year of Covid, with poems by three local poets.  The perfect present.  To order a copy, message me via the contact tab above. The book is £19.50 including postage.  I also still have a few copies of ‘Growth and Change’ at £12.

Nature Unlocked cover 1

I am delighted to have been commissioned to create a public sculpture for Wootton near Abingdon.  It is a pleasure to be working with the children at Wootton St. Peter’s Primary School and involving them in the commission.